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SL - Chap 11 Red Alert
The cackling voice of Blue’s youngest Spy woke him. Then the pain in his hands flooded in, like nothing Paul had ever felt before, bringing him back to full painful consciousness.
A long pain filled moan escaped his lips, as he tried to lift his head to see why his hands hurt so much. This brought the Spy’s maniacal laughter to a stop.
“Your awake? ‘Ow unfortunate for you enfoire” Connor hissed. He leaned over Paul who was strapped to a table facing upwards, the table was set on a tilt, with the red Sniper’s head at the lower end, the angle causing the blood to rush to his head. Connor smiled as Mac’s eyes focused on him and a filthy white rag he held in his hands.
“I had the unexpected pleasure to drown one of your teammates recently mon ami. And it ‘as given me ideas.” The blue Spy wiggled the white rag before draping it over Paul’s eyes. The Sniper reacted to the light tough with a shake of his head before Connor took
:icontrossidevil:trossidevil 2 2
Lopez family portraits by trossidevil Lopez family portraits :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 2 0 Soreloser Profile heads + Gabriel by trossidevil Soreloser Profile heads + Gabriel :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 4 2 Black team - Character concept designs by trossidevil Black team - Character concept designs :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 4 18
Mature content
SL - Chap 10 Blue Turmoil and Torture Chamber :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 2 8
Mature content
SL - Blac Sunday and The Yoyo Girl :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 2 2
Sore Losers - Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice
A Sore Losers side story
warning contains coarse language
“Go get rid of ‘im, Mon ami’s, but make it long and drawn out we wouldn't want ‘im to re-spawn quickly”
Bernard ordered Conner and Jerry, The Blue Teams Sniper was holding his captive by an arm slung behind his neck. The Red team’s Pyro hung limply beside the blonde Australian, a stab wound and a slash wound in each shoulder painting his uniform red with blood. Burses were forming on either side of his face where he had been punched not long before.  Bernard’s slimy voice fell on Jarrod’s ringing ears and vaguely registered, Conner moved towards the injured Pyro and grabbed the remaining wounded arm, Jarrod’s shoulders objected loudly in pain as Jerry and Conner turned him around and manhandled him toward the ice cold lake.
"Mon ami. As a fire fiend we wish to introduce to you ze wonderful suffocating properties of water. Jerry and I are going to make sure y
:icontrossidevil:trossidevil 2 0
Mature content
SL - Chpt9 Black Box :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 2 13
Happy Birthday Katsu - pub crawl by trossidevil Happy Birthday Katsu - pub crawl :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 4 5
SL - Chpt8 Got the Blues
Got the Blues
Two weeks had pasted since the Blue team were defeated by the Reds. Both Teams have been moved to a new battle ground and for the last week and a half the victorious Red team had managed to keep up their winning streak. Utilizing the newly developed team of Pyro, Sniper and Scout to steam train they’re way to the Intel through tricky back hallways and utilizing the speed and fire power the trio could enforce. The Heavy, Demo and Soldier offered distractions and backup with the Medic close behind.
The blues were being slaughtered daily. And as punishment the Administrator had started to cut their food rations for their ridiculously terrible conduct on the battle field.
Times were hard, and the Blue team was starting to get desperate and malicious.
“Rotten Maggots! How do they keep doing this to us Wallace. Those red nosed good for nothings keep poundin’ us into the dirt!” Snarled the Blue Soldier, a gruff old soldier named Nigel Gray. He shouldered
:icontrossidevil:trossidevil 1 4
Abstract Dragon by trossidevil Abstract Dragon :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 3 2 FishBubble Fish by trossidevil FishBubble Fish :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 5 3 Giesha Doll Painting by trossidevil Giesha Doll Painting :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 3 3 Furyan Wear by trossidevil Furyan Wear :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 2 1 Blue wren wash by trossidevil Blue wren wash :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 7 1 Moon Cat by trossidevil Moon Cat :icontrossidevil:trossidevil 7 8

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Gimme Coffee by Sadiya Gimme Coffee :iconsadiya:Sadiya 6,915 903 My Art Isn't Your Stock Stamp by Smitkins My Art Isn't Your Stock Stamp :iconsmitkins:Smitkins 799 56 White Rain Shining Garden Web by cscdgnpry White Rain Shining Garden Web :iconcscdgnpry:cscdgnpry 8 7 Kaze-Hime's: BLOSSOM TUTORIAL by Kaze-Hime Kaze-Hime's: BLOSSOM TUTORIAL :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 7,196 731 GT deleted page by bleedman GT deleted page :iconbleedman:bleedman 4,338 551 Posters by bleedman Posters :iconbleedman:bleedman 4,724 443 Happy New Year 2008 by bleedman Happy New Year 2008 :iconbleedman:bleedman 3,357 496 Undead zombie girls are... by bleedman Undead zombie girls are... :iconbleedman:bleedman 7,017 1,497 blossoms... by Aoinagaru blossoms... :iconaoinagaru:Aoinagaru 42 18 . excelsior . by karincoma . excelsior . :iconkarincoma:karincoma 1,966 436 KH2+FFVII: Axel and Reno by Risachantag KH2+FFVII: Axel and Reno :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 10,828 1,635 Bishie Pyramid by Go-Devil-Dante Bishie Pyramid :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 19,285 5,017 Fullmetal Alchemist meets AOL by SonicRocksMySocks Fullmetal Alchemist meets AOL :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 18,313 5,051 Coloring Hair in Photoshop by mree Coloring Hair in Photoshop :iconmree:mree 6,737 439


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Well Chapter 11 Sore Losers is FINALY UP AND FINISHED
Go... just Go! Don't wait around here just go now and have a read!
Check it out here:
SL - Chpt11 Red Alert (read it you sillys! :happybounce: )

Also warning, there will be a few slash fics appearing on my DA soonish from me. Closet slash fan no longer bitches!... 
Several staring some of boys from Sore Losers, as well as a crossover fem/fem/male event that may leave some people's heads spinning!




Sore Losers:
SL - Chpt9 Black Box 
SL - Chpt10 Blue Turmoil and Torture Chamber 
SL - Chpt11 Red Alert
Bullet; Orange SL - Chpt12 RSD - (Title of chapter gives away Sore losers plot)

Side stories:
Sore Losers - Fire and Ice
Sore Losers - Blac Sunday and The Yoyo Girl
Bullet; Orange Pleasurable hell (this story comes in between chapters 9 and 10 of Sore Losers - just deciding if I should release this to the public... due to its racist remarks and forced domination by a side character... Rated RR for wRong & Rotten - set after SL - Chpt9 Black Box)
Bullet; Orange The long night goodbye (Rated R for raunchy slash - to be released after chapter 11, set after events in 11)
Bullet; Green Fast zapping burning love (complete just deciding if I should submit this - Rated R for raunchy slash.)
Bullet; Green Scout Seduction (deciding if I should submit - Rated R for raunchy slash)
Bullet; Orange Teleporter terror (idea atm - Jarrod and Brian teleporter body swap may contain some crossover characters? :3)

Crossovers with Sore Losers:
Under Cover - a little gift for the holidays by Shade-Duelist
(Featuring My Anna Rodgers & Shade-Duelist's engie/scout couple Dwight Markham & Raphael Bourne.)

. . . - - . . . (a TF2 short story) by the marvellous Shade-Duelist 
(Featuring My Jarrod Dangerfield & Shade-Duelist's wonderful, crazy, sex-mad Gabriel Dantan & Samantha Tennant.)

Evaluation Days part one
Evaluation Days part two
Evaluation Days part three
Evaluation Days part four all by the marvellous Shade-Duelist 
(Featuring My Jarrod Dangerfield & Shade-Duelist's amazing line-up of Pyros!)

Bullet; Orange Burning Latino Rumba by me (ending to be written and fleshing out - Rated R for raunchiness)

Anyway all ciao for now.

Love TrossiDevil aka The Otaku Bookworm.


Goals for the year.

Work hard to get my RedBubble and CafePress shops up and running right!
You can check them out by following the links at the top of the page and also the links below:

Redbubble icon by trossidevilTrossi's RedBubble
Cafepress Icon by trossidevilTrossi's Cafe Press Shop

I'm going to Japan this year for my 30th birthday present to myself! Hellz yeah!
Currently (forever) single and OK with that.


Gamers Corner
Shout out to people playing TF2.
Message me or email me on - Subject Gaming! 
I wanna add more friends to my steam!

Currently playing the awesome Final Fantasy 15 demo, 
Fav characters so far: THEIR CAR!!!!! I want iiiit! oh and out of the main boys :3 it has to be Iggy and Gladiolus. Glads for his body myaaa!!! and Iggy for his brain and wit >B3
my FF7 Aeris anti-fan-bat of hate is...
The car chick - O_O put some damn clothes on ya hoe!

and currently playing Final Fantasy Type 0. 
Fav characters are Seven (fighting style), King (as a character) & Jack is growing on me. His fighting style is getting less blocky the more I play him.
Characters I want to kill with my FF7 Aeris anti-fan-bat of hate is...
Machina! his whiny bitchy annoying-ness is pissing me off BIG time. 
Rem is an awesome fighter. and I like Machina's fighting style too but I want to kick him soooo hard!!!! 

Currently Playing:
Bullet; Green TF2 - PC (Steam)
Bullet; Green Final Fantasy 15 demo - Play station 4
Bullet; Green Final Fantasy Type 0 - Play station 4

TableTop library:
Dominion (all expansions - Adventurers)
Seven Wonders
Ticket to ride 10th anniversary version (Asia expansion)
Phase 10
Trivial pursuit
Miss Fisher's Cluedo
The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defence  (& Governor expansion)


My Art to-do list: 
Finalise several of my acrylic paintings and take photos for on-line publication.
Start promised fan art for Shade-Duelist - . . . - - . . . (a TF2 short story)


Story writing list: 

Sore losers
Bullet; Orange Chapter 11 (re-reading, editing and trying bring myself to write the end half of the chapter. ;_;)

Sore losers silly sides
Bullet; Orange The long night goodbye (Rated R for raunchy slash)
Bullet; Green Fast zapping burning love (complete just deciding if I should submit this - Rated R for raunchy slash.)
Bullet; Green Scout Seduction (deciding if I should submit - Rated R for raunchy slash)

Crossover Fanfics 
Bullet; Orange Burning Latino Rumba (ending to be written and fleshing out - (Rated R for raunchiness)

FMAB fan-fiction 
Bullet; Orange Prisoners of war - chapter 1 (currently being drafted)

Othyila short stories
Bullet; Orange to be revisited, edited and maybe re-written.

Story writing key
Bullet; Green (ready to submit)
Bullet; Orange (started not finished)
Bullet; Red (Ideas not yet started)


Amazing Authors I admire:
Kylie Chan - Dark heavens series –
Brandon Sanderson. - Mist born series-
Maria V. Snyder –
Julian May - Galactic Milieu Series –…
Anne Rice - Vampire Lestat books and connecting series –
George R. R. Martin. - Game of thrones –
Anne Maccathry -
and Tod Maccathry -


Amazing artists I've be-friend-ed for real:
:iconsilvermonki: :iconshade-duelist: :icondm-stealth: :icontaruto: 
:iconalishapoor: :icontigav: :iconmizuominnox: :icondocwinter: :iconkarincharlotte:


Amazing artists I admire from afar:
:icontracyjb: :iconmontyoum: :iconbleedman: :iconapofiss: :iconbitter-cherry: 


Groups I'm currently stalking frequently:


Stamp collection:

So Many Books by LaPurr P.E.R.N. Stamp by Ghostwalker2061 Goldrider Stamp by lunatteo Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori

And that's a wrap for now

  • Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch every damn day
  • Reading: Shade-Duelist's TF2 Fanfics and our TF2 RP
  • Watching: Daredevil / Orphan Black / Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Type 0



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I'm not that special, and I'm not that great...
But if you watch me, I'll give you cookies on a golden plate! :D


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